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SUPPORT: Taking Interest in Investing in Our Community

We are based in Hampton Roads and know our community. When your business banks with Virginia Company Bank, you gain the expertise of a team prepared to serve your needs. We have the skills to assist companies in Williamsburg, Newport News, Hampton, throughout the region to help you grow.

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We want to serve as your local banking partner and help you properly launch your Peninsula business.

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Small businesses in Williamsburg, Newport News, and Hampton have more banking options than ever before! Learn how Virginia Company Bank can help you conduct all financial business online!

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Small businesses, mid-size to large corporations, and non-profit organizations in Hampton Roads can benefit from Virginia Company Bank’s many financial options. Contact us today for more information.

Strength: Investing in Our Community

We believe in the success of Hampton Roads, and are proud to invest our time supporting local organizations dedicated to making a difference. Virginia Company Bank is dedicated to our commitment to the Upper Peninsula each and every day.