Hampton, VA (March 10, 2011) – Virginia Company Bank recently hosted the next generation
of savers at its Hampton office in Coliseum Central. 75 kindergarten students from Gloria Dei
Lutheran School spent the morning at Virginia Company Bank to help solidify what they’ve been  learning about money in the classroom.

The Bank teamed up with Gloria Dei to develop an interactive way for the classroom lessons to
come to life. The kindergarten classes have been learning about money in school, and the field
trip offered a great hands-on opportunity.

Nine volunteers from Virginia Company Bank set up stations around the Hampton banking
office, and the kids toured each station in groups of twelve. Each stop offered a different lesson,
from coinage to how to write a check to what goes in a safe deposit box. They even learned how
the drive-thru works and how to tell if money is counterfeit.

“All the kids had a blast, and the Bank was so excited to help make their lessons on money
interactive and exciting,” said Melinda Smith, Vice President and Retail Market Manager for the
Hampton office. “Hopefully we can continue the tradition next year.”

Virginia Company Bank was founded in 2005 and has banking offices in Newport News, Hampton, and Williamsburg. The Bank is led by a Board of local business people whose intention has always been to provide a Peninsula bank for Peninsula people. This strong local focus helps Virginia Company Bank pursue their mission to help modern-day visionaries achieve their goals. For more information about the Bank, please call or visit our website www.vacompanybank.com.

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